Sunday, December 2, 2007

House Hunting

The weekend finally arrived which meant it was the first time that we would get to drive around the city during daylight hours (sunrise is at 9:54 am and sunset is at 3:47 pm). Driving around Anchorage is a little challenging because the sun never gets very high over the horizon; it's always in your face. Since we arrived, we heard about how common moose are in Anchorage so I was in great anticipation of my first moose sighting. The great thing is that I didn't have to wait long....Saturday morning we were on our way to south Anchorage when I spotted a bull moose. Like any four year old trapped in a twenty four year old body I loudly trumpted my find to Chanie who was more concerned with driving at the moment than with my new woodland friend. I am no moose expert but it looked to be about a medium sized bull. (Side Note: If attacked by a moose run around a tree....they are too gangly to make sharp turns) Luckily our first moose encounter was cordial and even though I waved, he just kept eating the bush by the road.

From outside my office window, which is on the 18th floor, I can see the Chugach mountains. They rise over a mile above Anchorage. To the north you can see Denali very clearly....even though it's almost 400 miles away. There sure are some amazing views!

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caughtbetween said...

Oh, Matthew & Chanie! Your writing and pictures bring joy. You make me lonesome for Alaska - Moose and all. I remember deciding to "let" the moose devour my flowers (as if I had a choice!). I was twenty-three when we first moved there and Chris was twenty-seven. Our first air force tour. My, the years do fly! By the way, should you have the opportunity look up Will Jacobs, Phd. in the history department at the University of Alaska. He's an old friend I think you'd enjoy meeting. In His Grace I send a Merry Christmas to the "last frontier." Sandy Bakke